Learning Resources

We do not produce our own learning material due to our own resource limitations but we can try to
save you time looking for material on the internet by listing some resources we know about. We also want to encourage you to
use Old Down and Beggarwood Woodland Parks as places for children and young people to learn about nature.
If you find some really good online resources or have some new activities or games we could offer or if you find any
broken links below then please email us with details here.
Butterfly Conservation - Learn
Lots of ways for children to learn about Butterflies and Moths including teacher educational linked materials and activities and games.
Woodland Trust - Nature Detectives
This is an excellent site to download ideas for little ones and it is seasonal as well.
There is a Forest School activity pack and much more.
You can create your own resources if you have time but new ideas are always appearing on the site.
Forest Education Initiative - Finding a Learning Resource
You will find a search function at the foot of the page where you can search for activities.
Scottish Natural Heritage - Outdoor Learning Activities
Very good site with lots of activity ideas, some valuable for older children. 
Cornwall Wildlife Trust - Activities for School Grounds
Simple ideas for engaging children with nature that can be used in school grounds or on a site site like Old Down or Beggarwood.
Heritage Woods - Schools
A lot of downloadable woodland activities for Teachers and Students of key Stage 1,2,3
This site has some simple activities for families to engage in but also a sophisticated "Bee Scene" survey to enable young and older children
to appreciate the importance of wildflowers and bumblebees. The survey has been designed in conjunction with the Bumblee Conservaton Trust.
Cheshire Wildlife Trust -  Education Service
Towards the bottom of the webpage you will find "Our Educational Programmes" and there are resumes of the types of classroom exercises that
they provide to fit with the National Curriculum.
Science and Plants for Schools  - Teaching Resources
This is a sophisticated site with teaching resources for primary, secondary and students. 
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom - Resources
A resource where various bodies have submitted ideas for outdoor learning.
A range of resources for teachers to use inside or outside the classroom.
Great Plant Hunt - Resources for Teachers 
Sponsored by the Welcome Trust and Kew Gardens this is a school science project for children of all ages.