The banner shows summer flowers on Old Down taken in June

Expect to see orchids on Beggarwood in several places including the orchid meadow on the east side of the park.
Lots of beautiful Pyramidal orchids have appeared on Old Down in recent weeks.

Harlequin ladybirds and others on tree trunks and twigs. Also often seen on gorse and yew

Butterflies like this gatekeeper are most often  seen on sunny days

Kidney vetch is an excellent source of nectar for long tongued bees

See  more photos taken recently

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Work Parties
Work parties on Old Down  every Thursday morning 10am at Old Down Hall. We don't mind if it's cold as you soon get warm but unrelenting rain is a different matter. You will be sent a confirmation email the day before if you are on our list of volunteers.

Due to Government guidelines on Covid-19, all work parties from Thursday 26th March 2020, on both Old Down and Beggarwood, are to cease for the foreseeable future.  Thank you to all of you who have helped us.

Work parties on Beggarwood
We hope soon to restart work parties on Beggarwood as we have someone willing to lead them.  If you would like to help
please contact us at odandbwd@gmail.com.

For courses you need to be a full member (annual subscription £5.00) but there is no further fee for the course. For other events a donation of £2.00 from non members and £1.00 from members is requested. For work parties we should probably pay you but sadly it doesn't work that way

For enquiries and courses contact Jill Lincoln at odandbwd@gmail.com