Get Involved

Please browse the information below about how you can become involved in wildlife and nature conservation on Old Down and Beggarwood. There is a leaflet at the bottom of the page that you can download as well. 
Freedom to Follow Your Own Interests
Our main aim is to enjoy what we do and do what we feel we want to do. There is no pressure and no expectation. Come and meet a few people try a few things and see if there is a particular direction you want to follow.
Not just physical!
There are many ways in which you could "get involved". You don't have to dig or chop things but some people feel it is exactly what they want to do!
Work Parties
Physical activities can include; Scrub clearance; hedge cutting; cutting grass areas; gathering and sowing seed or planting plugs; planting trees; controlling weed species; making hay; erecting wildlife boxes.
Some people enjoy coming out to work in the fresh air for a couple of hours now and again - you don't have to make a commitment, just come along to a work party when you feel like it. Work Parties are usually arranged on a Tuesday or Thursday and sometimes on a Sunday and normally last just 2 hours.  You can join our list of Weekday or Sunday Work Party Volunteers. Just tell us which you are interested in; Weekday or Sunday or both and we will let you know when they are happening. You are not under any obligation to turn up because you are on the list, it is entirely up to you.   
Learn About Our Wildlife 
Others have a desire to learn about wildlife, especially if they can do it with others that want to do the same! We are all amateurs helping one another and gaining in confidence. There are so many fascinating things and so many different species to learn about. You can choose to follow your own interest. We have small groups interested in recording information about birds, butterflies, bats and wildflowers and we want to attract more people either to help the existing groups or to study different areas. For example we need more people to hearn about; Mammals or Reptiles and Amphibians, Fungi, Beetles and other Bugs! The more we learn and understand about these different species, where they live, what they eat then the more we can refine our management of the site to help the populations grow.
Offer to Run a Community Event
While we are interested in biodiversity we also see ourselves as a community group in a broader sense. If you have a skill or activity to offer as an outdoor activity that will involve children, families or adults then please contact us. 
Develop Interesting Activities
Nature is now very remote to people of all ages and we want to reverse that by putting on exciting activities for groups or members of the community that will appeal to people of all ages. Even better if we can raise money from them to help fund our activities.  If you feel you would like to organise or lead a fun or interesting activity, even if just as a one off experiment then why not talk to us?
One of the reasons for establishing the group was to reconnect people with nature. There is an increasing need for people who can do that and there is a potential for paid employment. For example, Forest Schools have expanded from childrens outdoor education into education for all ages and there are training courses available.
Design Notices & Leaflets or Help Maintain our Website!
We want people to be inspired by our literature and website, but we need people to convert our knowledge into notices, leaflets and internet information that people appreciate. Can you help? 
Organise Events! 
We are keen to expand the range of educational and leisure events from various sources that we can organise so as to offer events to children, families and adults. If you have a desire to do something positive that will help reconnect people with nature why not have a chat to us? We don't expect you to deliver activities unless that is what you want to do but to arrange, plan and promote revenue earning events to local groups or the comminity at large and to help us obtain funding to pay for some of them.
Contact Us? 
 If you would like to talk further then please contact; Administrator